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We Know Their Likes But What Do Wasps Hate?

Wasps are attracted to many things. They love overflowing dustbins and discarded cool drink cans. They also love to bother picnickers on hot summer days. But what do wasps hate? Knowing the answer to this question can be a key to successful wasp control for your London property.

So, what do wasps hate and what repels them?

That’s a good question, and one we hope to answer below…


What do wasps hate? One of the things they hate the most is vinegar. Wasps won’t go near it. This means that vinegar is a great wasp repellent. Simply mix vinegar with some water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture in the area where wasps are hovering and they shouldn’t come back for a while.

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Other wasps

Wasps are not too fond of other wasps from another colony and will not build their nests near them. Nor will they enter into other wasps’ territory.  You can take advantage of this fact by making a decoy nest. To do this, take a brown paper bag and fill it with crumpled newspaper. Hang these around your garden or home. Wasps are not sophisticated creatures and will stay away, thinking these are other wasps’ nests.

The colour red

Strangely enough, something that wasps also dislike is the colour red. This is because they are unable to see red. While they do not specifically hate this colour, they are not attracted to it either. So, if you’re planning to sit outside, and don’t want wasps bothering you, make sure to choose the best pest solutions by wearing red Alternatively you can use a red umbrella or tablecloth to repel wasps.

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The cold

What do wasps hate? The cold! Wasps cannot handle cold weather and need to place to ride out the Winter months. This is the main reason why they enter into your home. Wasps hide out in walls, cracks and crevices because they are warmer than outside. Once the Winter is over they come out of hibernation to make your life hell.

And what do wasps hate even more?

Read on to find out a handful of other things wasps detest…

Fragrant flowers and plants

While wasps are attracted to various flowers and plants, some types are far too overpowering for them. These include plants such as spearmint, thyme, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon grass and wormwood. If you’re wondering what wasps hate and want to get rid of them, try planting these in your garden. You can also place essential oils made from these plants around your home. Something else that wasps dislike are citronella candles. This time-tested insect repellent can help discourage all sorts of insects, including wasps.

Sealed bins 

What do wasps hate? Closed bins! This is something that wasps really hate. When you close your bins, and take advantage of the pest proofing measures this affords, it means they can’t get at all the delicious food inside. This frustrates them no end and they absolutely hate it. Wasps also hate it when you clear away the dishes before they get a chance to feed on food scraps.

sealed bins

Diatomaceous earth

Something else you can add to your list of, “what do wasps hate?” is Diatomaceous earth. This is a special type of fossilised rock which has been crushed into powder. What’s special about this power is that it has unique insect repelling properties. Bugs like wasps hate it. That’s because it’s able to stick to their bodies and they cannot get it off. Once they are covered in this powder it slowly absorbs water from their bodies.

This causes them to dehydrate and eventually die. Diatomaceous earth can be bought from most garden stores. To get rid of wasps simply sprinkle it in the area around their nests. You can also use other things like talcum powder, boric acid and cinnamon. These will have almost the same effect.