What are Gnats and How to get rid of them

What are Gnats and How to Get rid of them?

What are Gnats?

What are Gnats

Gnats are a group of species, that contains many tiny flying insects. They are both biting and non-biting, and they travel along with their colonies or groups called clouds. You can see gnats in your daily life, though they are tiny many people will think they are baby houseflies. But it is not true, gnats are separate species from houseflies. There are three major types of gnats that can be seen in residential areas. They are fruit flies, drain flies, and fungus gnats and these three species do not bite humans. In this article, we will discuss what are gnats and how to get rid of them.

Are Gnats dangerous?

Are Gnats Dangerous

Gnats are both biting and non-biting tiny insects, the above mentioned 3 types do not bite, and they are not harmful to humans. But they will travel from one place to another and spread bacterial diseases. It is not good to have these gnats in your place. These 3 types can be often found in decayed fruits and plants, drainage pipes, and areas containing bacteria and fungi.

Other than these 3 types, the gnats like buffalo gnats, deer flies, stable flies, and biting midges can bite humans and cause several allergies and skin diseases. These insect bites can cause swelling, itchiness, dark spots in your skin and it will be painful too.

How to Get rid of Gnats?

How to get rid of Gnats

Here we will discuss some of the home prevention methods or DIY methods to control the presence of gnats. These home methods are effective for a few days, but they should be done regularly to avoid their presence. If you stop the process by doing once, then the invader will return, and the control methods are,

Vinegar Bait

Prepare a liquid trap by adding 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon sugar with a half cup of water. Pour two drops of dishwashing liquid and stir the liquid well. The trap is now ready, place the moisture close to the infested area, the sweet smell will attract the flies and the acidic content in vinegar and dish wash soap will destroy them.

Wine Method 

This trap can be done similarly to the above method. Instead of vinegar use wine and place the liquid trap in the infested area. This is also one of the effective methods to control gnats.

Fruit Gnat Trap

This method is simple and here you can use any of the decayed fruits. Take the decayed fruit and wrap it tightly with a plastic cover and make some holes that gives a way for the flies to enter inside, place the fruit nearer to the infested place. The insects will be attracted by the sweet smell and get into the wrapper, but they cannot get out because of tight wrapping and now you can throw that fruit away.


Thus, we have discussed what are gnats and how to get rid of them. These home methods can defend only for short time, you can hire a professional pest control service to get rid of these tiny flies for years. The experts will provide instructions to avoid their presence in future, if you follow that regularly you can avoid their presence for years.