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What Do We Mean By Eco-Friendly Pest Control?

One of the most recent trends in the pest control industry is eco-friendly pest control. In light of things like climate change and plastic pollution, more and more people are becoming environmentally aware. This awareness has now extended to the pest control industry. People no longer want solutions involving large doses of pesticides. They are after something which is not as harsh on the environment. These people are also concerned about the suffering that so called pest animals have to go through. But what exactly does eco-friendly pest control involve?

What is eco-friendly pest control and how does it work?

There are two main ways in which eco-friendly pest control is implemented. First of all, the main way is via the use of heat treatments.

high temperatures

The reason why this method is considered environmentally safe is because no pesticides are used. Instead, the affected area is treated by an incredibly hot vapour which kills the insect pests. This means that no harmful chemical residue makes its way into the environment or the water table. It’s also a very successful treatment.

This method also means you don’t come into contact with poisons

There are no chemicals involved and your health is safe-guarded. Ultimately, besides being eco-friendly, heat treatments are an excellent pest control method. All insects are killed including eggs and larvae and nothing is left behind. In fact, we now prefer this method to pesticides and chemicals, and would encourage you to ask professionals to use it.

The second method of eco-friendly pest control involves the capture of rodents. You see, rodent traps involve the usage of extremely powerful poisons and rodenticides.

eco friendly pest control

Not only do these harm the environment, but they also kill the animal. What’s more, this may happen after some pain and suffering. This really isn’t necessary. As we’ve said, just because an animal is considered a pest, doesn’t mean it has to suffer.

Can pest control be done without harming animals?

The solution to this is live capture traps. With these traps the rodents are captured alive without being killed. We then release them far from your home and other houses, so that they can live outdoors. This is a far more humane method than killing these animals. It also means that no environmentally destructive poisons are used.

Along with this there are dozens of other techniques for 24 hour environmentally conscious pest control. This includes things using natural pest repellants as well as special procedures that limit the harm we do. For example, one of these policies includes never harming bees under any circumstance. DIY pest control can also be eco-friendly, such as using essential oils as a repellent. If you would like to learn more about this or other pest control subjects feel free to contact us.