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What Does Wildlife Responsible Pest Control Entail?

What is the most important part of being an exterminator? Believe it or not, our most vital task is responsible pest control. You see, in our capacity as pest control technicians we use enormous amounts of dangerous chemicals and pesticides. Our chief aim is to protect the environment while doing what needs to be done to eliminate pests.

And if people use pesticides incorrectly or irresponsibly, these can have a negative effect on the environment and living things. This is why it is crucial to employ responsible pest controllers, like ourselves.

Negative effects of incorrectly used pesticides

When pesticides are used irresponsibly, it ultimately means that many other creatures besides the pests may be destroyed. These can include creatures like bees, fish, small animals and birds.

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There are many ways this can occur. Most often it’s when people accidentally spray creatures, or if it consumes poisoned food or prey. The wind can also carry pesticides, or they can end up in the water or groundwater. Soil can also be affected.

As well as killing these creatures, pesticides can cause serious health problems for other animals. These include things like cancer, birth defects, endocrine disruption plus other horrific conditions which harm the animal.

What people also don’t realise, is that pesticides can harm your pets if used incorrectly. This is why it’s so vital that you choose an exterminator who practices responsible pest control and has strict pest control safety policies.

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The bottom line is that firebombing the environment with pesticides is extremely irresponsible and also unethical.

We are committed to responsible pest control

In order to achieve safe and responsible pest control, we take the following measures. First, we are a member of Think Wildlife. This is an organisation which educates pest technicians on responsible pesticide usage. It also sets guidelines for doing this.

We also practice responsible pest control by using only the smallest and safest amounts of pesticides possible. In addition to this, we dispose of chemicals in the correct manner. Instead of simply pouring them down the drain we follow the correct governmental regulations and guidelines.


Another way that we implement responsible pest control is by using alternative options. This includes exterminating mice and catching rats using traps and baits. We use traps to capture rodents, and then dispose of them in a humane way. With this method the animal does not suffer unnecessarily. Not only that, other animals are not affected by pesticides.

We use heat treatments for some of our insect control practices. Again, this negates the need for pesticides. We also advise clients on methods of prevention, so that the chemicals might not be needed on the first place.

Overall, you can have confidence in us and our practices. Because of the strict guidelines we follow, we help to safeguard your home, business, family, employees and pets.