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Why Choose Pest Control Heat Treatment?

If you have pests in your home, the best way to get rid of them is with a pest control heat treatment. But why should you choose this option? After all, this is a relatively new technique which very few people know about. In fact, most people have no idea this method exists and are skeptical that it can actually work.

When people think about extermination, they imagine that strong pesticides are needed to kill bugs. And in most cases, this is what they want. But the fact is that heat is actually a vastly better alternative.

Why pest control heat treatment is the best option for killing pests

This method of pest control has dozens of advantages. It works for a whole range of insects. Heat treatment for cockroaches works just as well as it does for moths and bed bugs. Here are a few of the benefits of heat treatment:

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1. You no longer have to vacate your house

Most pesticides will linger long after they have been sprayed. This means you may have to vacate your house for several days. The period of time will depend on the size of the house, severity of your infestation and several other factors. But with heat treatments this is no longer necessary. Heat treatments do not leave a chemical residue. This means you can come back to your home on the same day of the treatment.

2. Pest control heat treatment is greener

Pesticides can be absolutely devastating to the environment. They kill everything including beneficial creatures, and can also affect plants in the area. Although we do our best to minimise harm when using pesticides, this is not always completely possible to eliminate harm. On the other hand, pest control heat treatments are far gentler and less harmful to the environment. If you are someone who cares about this type of issue, and are looking into a wildlife responsible pest control solution, then heat is definitely the superior option.

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3. Very little cleaning and preparation needed

As mentioned, pesticides leave a chemical residue. This means you have to prepare your home to be treated. This usually involves sealing up or removing all food. It also means packing away sensitive items which you don’t want coming into contact with pesticides. When you come back you will have to unpack everything. Many of our clients then clean their house in order to remove as much of the chemical residue as possible. This can be an enormous undertaking and involve hours of back breaking work.

4. Heat doesn’t harm pets

One of the drawbacks of pesticides is that special precautions must be taken to keep pets safe, and this can be inconvenient. In the case of DIY pest control, there are even cases where pets end up being poisoned. This can happen when pets eat pest baits or even when they become injured by traps or lick glue strips. In addition, your pets can also be poisoned after eating rodents which have been poisoned. The great thing about heat is that there are no pesticides involved and no chance of your pets being harmed.

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5. Pest control heat treatment is more effective

The most important reason why you should choose pest control heat treatment is simply because it’s more effective. The problem with pesticides is that many pests have built up a resistance to them. No matter how strong the poison, pests simply will not die. With heat treatments you don’t have this issue.

The science is simple: it’s basically impossible for London pests like bed bugs to survive beyond a certain temperature. Once the heat gets high enough the bugs die, making heat treatments a superior option. Pest control heat treatment also kills 100% of the pests in the area including their larvae and eggs. With pesticides these are often left behind, meaning the bugs can simply begin reproducing again.