Why Cockroach Population increases in summer & How to get rid of them

Why Cockroach Population increases in Summer & How to control them?

Summer is the season for many pests who hide inside and deep because of cold weather. Cockroaches are one of those summer insects who has cold blood and cannot withstand cold temperature. In Winter, many of the roaches will die because of the weather and many will hide in a safe and warm place and wait until winter passes.

The warm and safe place is your home where they can find food sources and can stay without any disturbance. In winter, you cannot find their regular actions so it is hard to find them, when the weather gets warmer, they will come out from walls, pipes, and other holes in search of food.

Why Cockroach Population increases in Summer?

Cockroach Population increases in Summer

The seasons spring and summer are the cockroach breeding seasons and they will increase their population in those seasons. You can see a number of roaches roaming inside your home, this is because of very hot weather, roaches will find room temperature to stay safe. This is the reason why the cockroach population increases in summer in all residential and commercial places.

How does the Cockroach Infestation Start in a home?

How does the Cockroach infestation Start in home

Many homeowners think that keeping the place neat and clean will avoid roaches and other pests. It is not a fact, the above-mentioned factors i.e., seasonal change will increase the cockroach and other pest infestation in your home.

These roaches can fit into any holes, and cracks and will enter inside your home or will stay deep during winter. They will come out only to search for food, it is important to clear all the food wastes that can reduce the presence of roaches in your home.

If you find any roaches, they will try to escape and hide by riding over all your properties like boxes, grocery bags, furniture etc.,

How to Keep Roaches away in the summer?

How to keep cockroaches away in this summer

  • Eliminate the food sources for roaches this will effectively reduce the presence of roaches.
  • Keep your kitchen neat and clean and clear all the food wastes regularly and immediately.
  • Store food products in a tightly closed container because roaches can easily be attracted by any food products.
  • Try to store your pet food also in a closed container and use them when they need
  • If you have unwanted things like trash, debris, cardboards and other unused or waste products try to eliminate them from your living area. Because these products can give a place for roaches to stay safe and increase their population.
  • As told already, roaches can enter any of the holes and cracks, so it is important to seal up all the cracks and gaps in your home to eliminate the presence of roaches in your home.


The summer season is on, and this is the time for roaches and other insects to enter your home. I hope it is clear that Why cockroach population increases in summer, is because of their cold blood and safe weather. In this article, we also listed some of the preventive measures to eliminate cockroaches. It is important to hire a professional pest control service to get rid of cockroaches completely.