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Why London Bed Bugs Are A Chronic Problem

London bed bugs have always been a problem for people who live in this city. These bugs have been around for centuries and some people think their population numbers in the millions. In fact, believe it or not, during the 1930s one in four British homes were plagued with bed bugs.

London bed bugs are an increasing problem

The simple answer is: people. All bugs are attracted to sources of food and London is essentially a massive buffet for these pests. These London bed bugs feed off Londoner’s like vampires, and this is how they have managed to thrive for such a long time.

Another reason is because bed bug extermination for your London home is not something to attempt yourself. These bugs are extremely hard to get rid of. They hide away in cracks and crevices and are difficult to root out. If you live in a block of flats they bugs can move from flat to flat through cracks and gaps in walls. Getting rid of them is like playing whack a mole. Once you get the beg bugs out of one apartment, they pop up in the next one.

London bed bugs crowds

What makes this process even more difficult is that these bugs are extremely resistant to extermination. London bed bugs need very little food to survive and can live for up to 18 months in a state of hibernation. This means that even if you remove them from your bed, there could be others hiding away in the nooks and crannies. Not only that, they also breed extremely rapidly. Just one bug can have hundreds of offspring, which multiply into thousands in only a few weeks!

Reasons why London bed bugs are an issue

Yet another reason is because London is a major transport hub. Every day, thousands of people enter the city. Many of these are international travellers and a lot of the time, they bring bed bugs with them. These bugs can easily hide in your clothes and luggage, and inevitably end up getting left behind in hotels. This is why bed bugs are a major, serious issue for London hotels.

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Not only that, travellers returning from overseas have also been identified as a major source of bed bugs. Holiday makers go away and then return with these bugs in their luggage. From there they begin to breed and before long, you have bed bugs infesting every inch of your home.

What’s making this problem worse at the moment is the fact that these bugs are becoming resistant to pesticide. After decades and decades of being targeted with super strength poisons, London bed bugs have become almost completely immune. In fact, scientists studying these bugs have discovered that they are developing stronger exoskeletons. These mutations are occurring so that the bugs can survive being sprayed with pesticide. What’s more, these scientists are starting to see the emergence of bed bugs who are resistant to all forms of insecticides.

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What also makes them hard to exterminate is the fact that bed bugs are actually transparent. They only turn red once they have fed on your blood. This means that even if you examine your bedding, you will more than likely end up missing them. If you have bed bugs, don’t feel bad. This is something that every Londoner may have to deal with eventually.

Is there a solution?

There is hope! They are actually easy to get rid of. This is because new state of the art treatments have been developed.

One of these is our insect fumigation service, and an even more effective solution are our heat treatments. All living creatures will die at high enough temperatures. With heat treatments, bed bugs can be easily removed. To enquire about these treatments and finally rid yourself of London bed bugs, simply contact us.