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Why You Have Bites But No Signs of Bugs

Pest are vicious and most of them bite. From wasps to bed bugs, all of these creatures are capable of attacking humans. But what happens when you have bites but no signs of bugs, why does this happen? There are several reasons.

Where did the bites come from?

The answer to why you have bites, but no signs of the insects causing them is simple. You see, the majority of pests are almost completely invisible to humans. Many insects are extremely small and very shy. Most of the time you will rarely see them. This is due to their size and because they fastidiously avoid humans. In many cases you will be completely unaware that they are in your home.

Some insects also leave no signs. While certain pests, such as cockroaches, leave signs like egg casings, many pests do not. This also means you may be completely unaware of them. Pests like cockroaches need special heat treatments to fully eliminate them.

Many insects are also nocturnal. During the daylight hours they hide away from humans. Once again, the only time you’ll know you have them is after they have bitten you. This is usually the primary reason why you have bites but no signs of the perpetrator.

nocturnal night time insects

Also realise that humans are often a source of sustenance for insects. The biggest example of this is bed bugs. These bugs are often very hard to spot. They come out at night feed on humans and then go back to their hiding places, making them a chronic problem for many people.

What can you do?

Certain pests may also drift in and out of your home. They enter into your home at night, bite you, and leave before morning. A good example of this is mosquitoes. These pests often bite you and fly away into the night.

bites but no signs of bugs

If you have bites but no signs of who caused them, it may not necessarily mean you have insects in your home. Have you recently gone hiking or been to a park? Remember, insects exist everywhere in nature. There’s a good chance the bites come from somewhere other than you home. Basically, they can bite you anytime and anyplace.

If you have bites but no signs of bugs

No sign of who bit you? Then what can you do about it? You should begin by assuming you have bugs in the house and take general pest prevention measures. Start by cleaning your house from top to bottom. Try to find these invisible bugs and get rid of them. Look into nooks and crannies and out-of-the-way places.

Also, in the cases of some creatures, like mosquitoes and bed bugs, there are other measures you can take, which you may be familiar with. Even something as simple as a fan is enough to chase away mosquitoes from your body.

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If you have bites but no signs of bugs, and can’t seem to get rid of the problem, then it’s probably a good idea to hire an exterminator. This isn’t something you should ignore. While bug bites may seem harmless, in many cases they are not. Several bugs, such as ticks and fleas, are capable of transmitting life changing diseases. These diseases can make you severely ill and are highly unpleasant. This means anyone who is experiencing bites without bugs should do something about it immediately. The consequences may be more severe than you think!