8 Wrong Ways to Eliminate Bed Bugs

8 Wrong Ways to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the biggest problem faced by many people that disturbs their nights of sleep and causes many infections. These bed bugs usually hide in the mattress, furniture beds, and even in the wardrobe where they can feel safe. These bugs are so annoying if they are present and their stains will spoil the beauty of your clothes and mattresses.

There are many DIY methods to control bed bugs but they can withstand only for a few days. Many people are working on the bed bug control process without any prior knowledge and this will not stop the infestation. In this article, we will discuss the 8 wrong ways to eliminate bed bugs that you should be aware of.

8 Wrong Ways to Eliminate Bed Bugs

Do not Change your Sleeping Habits

Do not Change your Sleeping Habits

Bed bugs need warm blood, so changing your sleeping habits like changing the bedroom or sleeping with the lights will not control your actions. These bugs can travel from room to room in search of food and they can live for months without the food.

Sure they are nocturnal insects that roam during the night, but keeping your lights on will not make them scary because they will be active when you are at rest.

Do not Toss your Mattress

Everyone knows that bed bugs will hide under the mattress, but they have many hiding places in your home. Tossing your bed alone will not lower the infestation and it will spread the infestation to other places too.

Home heat treatment

Bed bugs cannot withstand the high temperature of heat treatment, and the thermostat in your home cannot kill all the bugs present. A professional expert will have modern equipment and they can increase the temperature of the whole house to 120 degrees, this will kill the entire bed bugs in your home without damaging any other properties.

Do not turn to cold

Like high temperatures, extreme cold can also kill bed bugs, so keeping your home open during the winter will not kill bed bugs. We know that bed bugs can live for months without any food so they can easily survive in winter without any action.

Do not Move infested furniture around your home

Do not Move Infested Furniture

If you planned to move the infested furniture, try to cover it with plastic tapes. Because you should encourage the infestation to spread through your home and it will not end the pest infestation.

Don’t Rely on Chemicals

Don't Rely on Chemicals

There are many chemicals in pest control shops to kill bed bugs. It is not advisable to use chemicals, because improper use of chemicals will harm your health and it will be dangerous to the pets and children in your home.

Do not Depend on Home methods

You can get many DIY methods to control bed bugs online, though they are effective they can withstand only for a few days. You cannot get rid of bed bugs, these bugs will hide so deeper and come out after some days.

Do not Wait

Bed bugs have two common habits like other creatures, they can eat and breed. If you find the signs of bed bugs try to hire a professional pest control service immediately. Hanging for so long will increase the population and infestation and it will be hard to eliminate all the bugs in your home.